Tenant Charges

 Tenant Charges - 2017

We understand nobody wants to pay charges - in the same way that nobody wants to work for free!  However, to be honest we firmly believe that it is fairer for Tenants to be charged openly, but only for the work we do on their behalf rather than pretend that our time is 'free' (e.g. like charities or volunteers) and have our costs invisibly added to everyone's Rent - which is what will happen if/when the UK law changes.  Until then, please note that we do not ask Tenants to contribute to the cost of their initial Tenancy Agreement, compilation of the Inventory Report or Check-in and we tell you before you rent a property from us, how to avoid expensive renewal fees charged by other Agents.

We try hard to keep our charges low and have not increased them since 2015, but there are many occasions when Tenants ask us to do work that does not directly benefit their Landlord e.g. 
adding a pet after moving in, or changing the date rent is paid to coincide with their salary dates.  We are happy to do the work, but ask Tenants to understand that the costs for doing it, must be passed back (at least in part) to those who generated it, or who benefit from the change.  If you have questions about our charging policy please contact us


All our charges include 20% VAT charged by the UK Government not us

We only accept payment by cash or bank transfer

Tenancy Start Up = £375   (i.e. £312.50 + £62.50 VAT)

This includes all pre-Tenancy administration for two people with no Guarantor, including professional, external referencing, 'Right to Rent' checks required by the Government, preparation of the Tenancy Agreement, provision of an Inventory Report and a Check-in conducted by an independent, professional inventory company. 

For two people with 7 working days between when payment and all forms are correctly submitted and the Tenancy starts.

Single Person Tenancy Start Up (timing/situation as above) = £325  (£270.83 + £54.17 VAT) 

Express Check-in = £150  (£125 + £25 VAT)
This additional charge only applies per property if anyone wants to move in within less than 7 working days from application. 

Guarantors  - We make just one extra charge per Guarantor for the entire Tenancy of £180 each (£150 + £30 VAT).

NB:  Referencing cannot start until payment has been received and all Tenant and Guarantor charges are non-refundable if references prove unsatisfactory or a Tenant or Guarantor withdraws.  If a Landlord withdraws (for reasons other than reference failure) we will immediately refunded all charges in full if we cannot find you a suitable alternative property.

Tenancy End Charge   (includes Check-out)
We are involved in a lot of 'behind the scenes' costs and work when a Tenancy ends to ensure a smooth Check-out and a quick, fair reconciliation of your Deposit.  A professional Check-out protects Tenants against any unfair Deposit claims which is why we pay an objective, independent inventory company to conduct this on your behalf.  Part of our Tenancy End Charge also includes a contribution to the high costs of other vital administration for Tenants e.g. holding and protecting your Deposit, with associated insurance premiums and membership charges of professional and regulatory bodies.  You pay one Tenancy End Charge current in the year you leave.  This charge also includes us being asked to respond to one reference request on behalf of each Tenant.

Tenancy End Charge  for a standard sized, unfurnished property vacated in 2017   

Property Size                                                                                      Unfurnished
1 bedroom, 1 reception  & 1 bathroom                             £195   i.e.   (£162.50 + £32.50 VAT)  
2 beds, 1 or 2 receps & 1 bath                                           £230           (£191.67 + £38.33 VAT)
2 beds, 1 or 2 receps & 2 baths                                         £240          
(£200 + £40) 
3 beds, 1 or 2 receps & 1 bath                                           £260           (£216.67 + £43.33)  
3 beds, 1 or 2 receps & 2 baths                                         £270           
(£225 + £405 
3 beds, 3 receptions & 2 baths                                          £285           (£237.50 + £47.50)
4 beds, 1 or 2 receps & 1 baths                                         £325           (£270.83 + £54.17)

If rooms are unusually large, furnished, or the property is complex e.g. with out-buildings, stables, pool-houses, or has architectural or historical features it will be charged for individually.
Non-payment, Late or Overpayment of Rent or other Monies
When rent is not received in full and on time, it always involves us in costly extra work that is never enjoyable, often embarrassing and always problematic.  Please also remember that your Landlord pays us via commission deducted from your rent.  So if you don’t pay your rent on time we have an unhappy Client and no income ourselves despite the very considerable additional work!  So, we will charge £60 (£50 + £10 VAT) on each and every occasion that any payment due to us is late or refused by your bank.

Duplicate Documentation
You will be given copies of everything relevant to your Tenancy e.g. Tenancy Agreement, Deposit protection certificate, Inventory report, safety certificates etc…  If you fail to keep these safe and later ask us to provide something you have already been given, we may not be able to do so, or will charge you £30 (£25 + £5 VAT).
Early Termination Charges
It is not possible (without your Landlord’s agreement) to end your Tenancy before the end of the ‘minimum fixed period'
this specific date of  will be crystal clear to you before you sign the Tenancy Agreement.  If your Landlord does subsequently agree to allow you to ‘surrender’ your Tenancy early i.e. to get out of your Tenancy commitments when you are not legally entitled to do so; a one-off additional charge of £500 (£416.67+ £83.33 VAT) is payable to us at the time your Landlord agrees as a contribution to our costs.  Please note that this is in addition to the normal Tenancy End Charge listed above.

Changes to your Tenancy End Dates
This is not the same situation as ‘Early Termination’ or an ordinary renewal. 
If it is agreed that you can shorten or extend your Tenancy end date by a few days - which will of course, save you paying Rent you would otherwise have paid; we make a one-off charge of £180 (£150 + £30 VAT) payable at the time your Landlord agrees.
Changing the Terms of your Tenancy (i.e. other than changing its end date as above)
After signing your Tenancy Agreement, if you want to change its terms e.g. change the date you pay Rent, to keep a pet, or to remove/add somebody else, then we make one charge £150 (£125 + £25 VAT) payable before amending the documentation. 

Tenancy Renewal Charge  - We don’t want to have to make this charge!!
Before your Tenancy starts, we will fully explain how to completely avoid this charge.  However, if despite our best efforts we do have to do work to extend your Tenancy as a result of your choices or decisions (rather than those of your Landlord), we will charge the rate current in the year when your renewal takes place.  During 2017 any renewal is £120 (£100 + £20 VAT) which has not increased or over 3 years despite our rising costs.

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