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Rent Payments

Rent is normally payable monthly in advance and only by bank transfer or standing order (not cash, cheque or credit/debit card).  Rent usually excludes all utility bills, Council Tax, telephone and television costs - although this can vary depending upon the property.  Rent is payable to your Landlord either direct, or via us.  We will confirm in writing exactly what rent is payable to whom, when and what if anything it includes before we accept your reference application, or any money.  

After the initial rent payment required before keys are released, each following rent payment is normally due to your Landlord on the same day of the month that your Tenancy started e.g. if you started on 17 January, the next month's rent needs to be with your Landlord by 17 February latest.  If you want to pay your rent on another date e.g. your salary day, please ask before we write your Tenancy Agreement.  If you want to change your payment date after your Tenancy starts we are happy to do this, but need to charge for the work involved. 


The Deposit

The security Deposit is normally equivalent to one and a half month’s rent or two months if there is a pet it must be received in full at the time the Tenancy Agreement is signed, but always before keys are released.    
Deposit monies are NOT intended to be used as rent - particularly the last month’s rent.  The deposit is held to cover any costs resulting from any Tenant failing to fulfil any of the conditions of their Tenancy Agreement e.g. to compensate the Landlord for damage caused to the property (beyond fair wear and tear). 

If there are no disputes about the condition of the property or its contents at the end of the Tenancy, your Deposit will be returned within 3 or 4 working days after confirmation from you and the Landlord that you agree. 

Deposit Protection

We always hold Deposits in strict compliance with UK law and as Stakeholders (like a Solicitor).  This gives  everyone security because it prevents Deposit monies being released without written consent.  

All Deposit monies we hold are fully protected at all times! - click for details.  If your Tenancy is an Assured Shorthold Tenancy, it will also be covered by the rules of The Dispute Service (TDS) scheme

Utilities - gas, electricity, water etc...

In addition to your rent, Tenants are usually responsible for the cost of all utilities (gas or oil, electricity, and water/cesspit drainage), plus Council Tax and other services e.g. telephone, broadband, TV license, satellite/cable TV fees, etc…  The costs that apply to you, will be explained before you make your reference application and will be clearly written in your Tenancy Agreement.

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