Portfolio Property differs from traditional Lettings or Sales Agents because we deliver a full range of services tailored to Investment or Buy-to-Let Landlords rather than Householder Landlords who rent out their own homes, usually for shorter periods.  The distinction is more than semantics but the number of properties you own is NOT a limiting factor.  
Characteristics of our Investment Landlords:

• Own property intended for the specific purpose of renting out
• The property is available for at least 2 years (break clauses permitted) 
• Property size is irrelevant but presentation and cleanliness are good
• They act responsibly, honestly and legally - our Tenants need to do likewise!
• There is nothing ‘reluctant’ in their approach - if they cannot act they delegate

The number, size, type and location of the properties owned by our Investment Landlords are as varied as the people themselves.  Whether you have one rental property or many hundreds we will work with you to ensure that we add value to your investment at every stage of the rental cycle. 

If you are looking to start your portfolio, or are an existing Landlord with less than 10 properties we could assist you with, these would need to be located in Surrey, Hampshire or Berkshire.  For portfolios greater than 10 properties geography is not a limiting factor because our services and related costs are assessed on an individual portfolio basis.  Please contact us for further information.

We focus on Landlords committed to making their property available for longer than 6 - 12 months.  We assist Landlords to provide clean, comfortable, homes for responsible people, paying market rents, who want the security of knowing that their Landlord is not about to move back into what was his own home, or has intentions to sell the property in the near term.

Of course life is unpredictable and any Landlord could be forced to sell earlier than expected, but our network of Investors means that it is a viable option for a property to be bought and sold through us with the Tenant remaining in-situ. 



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