Investing in Homes

Profit is obviously a major consideration when deciding to invest but we believe that it should not be the only one.  By treating everyone fairly, conducting business ethically and always acting with integrity our approach delivers win-win deals with longevity, rewarding yields, lower risk, less hassle and greater personal satisfaction i.e. by providing a quality home for responsible people who pay a fair market rent.  


Minimising Risk
Risk is NOT fully knowing what you are doing!  We do know what our Investors should, or should not  do to minimise problems and maximise yields or ROI (return on investment) so any unwanted risk is reduced.  However, property investment is never completely risk free so it will be unsuitable for some.

We can ensure your investment goals are realistic and align them to the level of risk you are comfortable with.  This is not something sales agents do - they make money by selling property.  Likewise letting agents offering 'free' buy-to-let advice are motivated by securing the let on any property you purchase.    

It is worth noting that there is no statutory protection  or single body to regulate property purchase, tax or legal advice so in a complex and competitive market it is good to know that you can trust us because Investment Lettings is what we do from start to finish,  all-day every day.


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